Our Services

For Businesses

We help businesses solve these questions

  • Leadership Assessment

    Is the team functioning at their highest potential?

    Are the people on board suitable?

  • Market-Vision Fit

    Is your company targeting the right audience?

    Is the effort worthwhile?

  • Sales Efficiency

    Are sales figures measuring up to the plans made?

    Is the startup achieving the required milestones for sustainability?

  • Show Me The Money

    At the end of the day, the key measure of successful business boils down to the numbers.

    We help you figure it out with our expertise.

  • Product-Market Fit

    Are the products & services relevant from the customer’s POV?

    Will it entice the customers to come for more?

  • Market Efficiency

    Are the marketing plans and strategies effective?

    Or are you just wasting time, effort and resources?

  • Growth Efficiency

    Is the system efficient and effective?

    Is the business coasting or growing?

  • Financing

    Are you looking to raise investment to expand and grow? Or are you lacking the financial capital leading to a shorter runway?

    We help you connect with the right network of strategic and finance investors.

For Management Teams

We help management solve these questions

Thinking of running a business/venture and need counsel? 

Statistically, 90% of ventures fail. Our team has started and exited multiple ventures and businesses across industries, internationally, and can advise you on the tools of the trade.

Having disputes internally?

62% of ventures fail because of internal conflict. Let us help you align your team and clarify roles and resolve disagreements so you can succeed.

Bringing your company to the next level? 

Access cutting edge technology, form strong international alliances, enter new markets, raise your next round faster, galvanise raving fans; our consultants have done all these and more. Allow us to enable you with our resources.

Unsure of your exact place in the market? 

We are in the midst of a digital transformation; industries and old methods are being outcompeted by newer contenders. Allow us to help revolutionise your positioning and offering with our resources.